Petition for Name Change

Petition for Name Change

Do you have a name change document issued by a U.S District Court?

U.S District Court Petition for Name Change documents require a Department of Justice verification prior to a U.S Department of State apostille.

We hand deliver your documents to the Department of Justice and the Department of State with the utmost care.

The Department of Justice verifies the signature of the county clerk on your Petition for Name Change and affixes a verification signed by the Attorney General onto your document. 

This process can take upward of 20 business days. Processing time depends on Department of Justice workload. 

After this is complete we will take your document to the Department of State to receive a federal apostille. 

The Department of State verifies your paperwork and grants an apostille. The entire process generally takes 20-30 business days.

The Department of Justice requires that your name change document have a hand signature of the Deputy Clerk on the document. 

If your document only has an ink stamp signature and not a hand signature, it will not be eligible for DOJ authentication. In order to get your petition for name change document authenticated it must have ink and hand signature of the Deputy Clerk.

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